The Company – opportunities

deCODE is an international workplace with approximately 200 employees from a dozen different countries.  Our headquarters are located in the heart of Reykjavík in a beautiful state of the art facility. The expertise of our staff encompasses a wide range of scientific disciplines creating an ample opportunity for employees to learn and contribute to world class genetic research.

Educational background within deCODE

Field of education Proportion
Biology 21%
Physics and chemistry 11%
Computer science 11%
Mathematics and statistics 11%
Biomedical science 10%
Business administration 6%
Engineering 6%
Medicine 5%
Anthropology 3%
Other 18%


deCODE is always on the lookout for science professionals who are eager to have a significant impact on our genetic research.  The company offers great working environment and tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth in an outstanding and intellectually-challenging work environment.