NPMI Programme/8 June/Final

The inaugural meeting of



Human Genetics: the Foundation of Precision Medicine

All meetings and events will take place at deCODE genetics, Sturlugata 8, Reykjavík

Wednesday 6 June, 19:00 (closed – NPMI Business meeting)

Thursday, 7 June

8:30-9:00        Registration

9:00         Opening by the Chairman of the meeting, Kári Stefánsson
                Svandís Svavarsdóttir, Minister of Health

Human Genetics

Chair:   Paul Franks, Lund

09:15-10:15     Nordic precision medicine; Country reports:

  • Denmark: Søren Brunak, University of Copenhagen
  • Estonia: Lili Milani, University of Tartu
  • Finland: Samuli Ripatti, Helsinki University
  • Iceland: Kári Stefánsson, deCODE genetics
  • Norway: Kristian Hveem, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Sweden: Patrick Sullivan, Karolinska Institute

10:15-11:00     Myles Axton – Nature Genetics
From genetic epidemiology to intervention

11:00-11:15     Coffee

11:15-12:00     Mark Daly – Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, Helsinki
Beyond GWAS – realizing the promise of human genetics

12:00-12:45     Kári Stefánsson – deCODE genetics, Reykjavik, Iceland
Human diversity

12:45-13:15     Lunch

Doing the legwork: Focus on the Populations and the Genetics

Chair:   Leif Groop, Lund

13:15-13:45      Leif Groop – Lund University, Sweden
Precision medicine – the many faces of diabetes

13:45-14:15     Lili Milani – Estonian Genome Center, University of Tartu, Estonia
Piloting precision medicine: Returning results to participants of the Estonian Biobank

14:15-14:45     Eivind Hovig – University of Oslo, Norway
The Norwegian genetic landscape

14:45-15:15     Aarno Palotie – Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, Helsinki
Finnish large scale genomics initiatives: FinnGen

15:15-15:45     Patrick Sullivan – Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Tryggve2: Secure and precise genetic analyses across the Nordic countries

15:45-16:00     Coffee

Bedside manners: Focus on the Patients and the Diseases

Chair:   Ole Andreassen, Oslo

16:00-16:30     Dag Erik Undlien – Oslo University Hospital, Norway
Rare diseases – from genes to genomes

16:30-17:00     Paul Franks – Lund University, Malmö, Sweden
Why lifestyle must be part of the discussion about precision medicine

17:00-17:30     Thomas Werge – University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Identifying genomics and environmental causes of mental disorders in the population of Denmark

17:30-18:00     Jens Lundgren – Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
Precision medicine in clinical consequences of immune dysfunction

18:00-18:30      David O. Arnar – University Hospital, Reykjavik, Iceland
The challenge of turning genetic data into better health

18:45-19:30       The Nordic Society for Precision Medicine; Launch

19:30-20:00       Reception

20:00                 Dinner

Friday, 8 June

Making it work: Focus on the infrastructure and implementation

Chair:  Søren Brunak, Copenhagen  

8:30-9:00         Heidi Beate Bentzen – University of Oslo, Norway
Doing right: Law and precision medicine

9:00-9:30         Peter Løngreen – Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby
Nordic secure private cloud infrastructure for health data

9:30-10:00      Coffee and poster presentation

10:00-10:30    Valtteri Wirta – Karolinska Institute, Sweden
WGS-based diagnostics for rare disease

10:30-11:00    Birgir Jakobsson – Ministry of Welfare, Iceland
Iceland digital health initiative – a dream or a reality?

11:00               Closing remarks by the Chairman of the meeting 

Lunch – End of meeting