The Genomic Portrait of a Nation

The largest studies of whole-genome data ever published reveal the power of the sequencing revolution for understanding the roots of disease, diversity and evolution: The most comprehensive population-wide tally to date of sequence variation A nationwide collection of... read more

The New deCODE Map of the Human Genome

The most detailed template yet of the different ways in which women and men, individuals and populations, are driving one of the main motors of evolution. Reykjavik, ICELAND, 27 October 2010 – Scientists from deCODE genetics today publish in Nature the highest... read more

Announcing the New deCODE

Reykjavik, ICELAND, January 21, 2010 – deCODE genetics ehf today emerged as a newly financed, private company focused on advancing the science of human genetics and its application to products and services that improve human health. The new company will be building on... read more

deCODEme™ Takes on Heart Disease in February

deCODEme Cardio™ scan offered at $100 during American heart Month; CEO Kari Stefansson to appear on The Martha Stewart Show this Thursday, February 5th Reykjavik, ICELAND, February 3, 2009 – To mark American Heart Month, deCODE genetics (Nasdaq:DCGN) today announced... read more

deCODE Launches deCODEme™

The company that has led in the discovery of genes that confer risk of common diseases is empowering individuals to explore their own genome Reykjavik, ICELAND, Nov. 16, 2007 – deCODE genetics (Nasdaq:DCGN) today announced the launch of deCODEme™, a pioneering service... read more

deCODE Discovers a Variation in the Sequence of the Genome Conferring Risk of Atrial Fibrillation Launches deCODE AF™, A Test for the Risk Variant Aimed at the Prevention of Stroke

A paper published today in the journal Nature describes the discovery by scientists at deCODE genetics (Nasdaq:DCGN), in collaboration with academic colleagues in Iceland, the United States, Sweden and China, of two common single-letter variations in the genome (SNPs)... read more

deCODE Study Details Familial Risk for Cancer

December 4, 2004 A deCODE study just published in Public Library of Science (PloS) Medicine provides the most comprehensive analyses to date of the importance of inherited risk factors for the most common forms of cancer. The results indicate that increased risk of... read more

deCODE and Roche Diagnostics Announce Discovery of Significant Genetic Risk Factors for Heart Attack DNA-based diagnostics applying these findings may enable more targeted, individualized prevention strategies

Reykjavik, ICELAND, and Basel, SWITZERLAND, October 17, 2003 — deCODE genetics (Nasdaq/Nasdaq Europe:DCGN) and Roche Diagnostics today announced a landmark discovery under their alliance to develop DNA-based diagnostic tests for common diseases. deCODE scientists have... read more

Roche Announces Mapping of Stroke Gene

March 29, 2000 Roche announced today that scientists at deCODE genetics, based in Reykjavik, Iceland, have reached an important milestone in their collaborative research on the genetics of common forms of stroke by successfully mapping a gene that contributes to the... read more